Sunday, 23 August 2015

As One Door Closes

Hello, friends.  Today's article is one of a bit of a different tone, and it might be a little shocking to some; but you know what they say, "rip it off like a band-aid".  So, here goes: I, Andrew Janiszewski, am officially leaving the New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia in order to apply for membership to the Unified Sorrenian Workers' Party.  Let me explain my reasoning before you label me a traitor.  When I took over leadership of the Liberty Party so long ago, I was a Social Democrat, opposed to the USWP's far-left leadership; however, as many of you know, I had an epiphany several months ago, and I'm now a Marxist.  I need to be where I fit in best, and that's with others who share my same ideals.  You may have noticed that I have been rather inactive this election campaign, and have released no propaganda.  That has been due to the fact that I have been conflicted over my party membership, and that I have had no way to criticize the USWP through propaganda, or distinguish the NDLP from them, because I agree with nearly all of their policy.  It would be nonsensical for me to stay in the NDLP, or to stay in the Opposition, when I fit in so much better with others who hold far-left views.  This isn't about betrayal, this is about "following my heart", if you'll excuse the romanticism, and going where I fit in best.  I apologize sincerely to the members of the NDLP and the Opposition who feel hurt or betrayed by this, because that is not at all my intention here today.  My intention is to do what I need to do to remain in Sorrenian politics on the side I believe can do the best job governing the nation.  A few final notes in terms of housekeeping:

  • Trystan Cline is hereby appointed my successor as leader of the NDLP.  My personal and professional recommendation to him is to merge the NDLP with the new "Sorrenian National Unity Party" in order to create a coherent Opposition.  My kindest regards and the best of luck to my good friend, Trystan, and the rest of the members I leave behind.  
  • I will likely not be pursuing such high-up positions as I have in the past in Sorrenia, such as the Presidency, or the Premiership.  I make this decision in order to dedicate more time to Zirconic and other projects in my life.  However, I do plan to remain active in Sorrenia.  

If you still feel the need to label me a traitor after all that, you're welcome to do so.  I, on the other hand, prefer to look at this as one door closing in my micronational life and another door opening.  Thanks to all my former NDLP cohorts for all the effort they put in; we had a good run.  

Sunday, 2 August 2015

NDLP Election Manifesto

Hello, friends!  The Sorrenian election is coming up soon, and the other parties have already released their manifestos, so the NDLP is going to follow suit.  Here are our policies:

  • Status quo on secularization: The NDLP values a certain level of secularization in the nation.  Although religious freedom is very important to the NDLP, we also believe that, generally, the government should not be religiously biased in any manner.  We compromised in the past by agreeing to push forward a bill that would allow Townships to declare an official religion in a situation where all citizens of said Township agree.  However, we will not be willing to budge any further on this issue.
  • A market economy: Although several members of the NDLP are far-left macronationally, the NDLP is a politically pragmatic party and realizes that the best way to stimulate the Sorrenian economy is to allow near-total freedom for Sorrenian citizens to start up their own businesses and advertise their products.  Although there is admittedly a place for a public sector in the Sorrenian economy, there is also most certainly a very important place for the private sector.  
  • A non-partisan atmosphere: The NDLP is widely known in Sorrenia as the only party where right-wing and left-wing members co-exist peacefully.  Although the majority of NDLP members are left-of-centre, there is also a significant minority of right-wing members and several far-left members  The NDLP remedies this by pursuing a pragmatic platform and avoiding serious ideological dedications.  
  • An encouragement for culture: Sorrenia is officially a Celtic nation, and the NDLP absolutely supports that.  We at the NDLP wish to see a more active Celtic Cultural Committee and are excited to see the progress on the national lanaguage project.  However, we also encourage other cultural minorities, such as Slavic and Scandinavian Sorrenians, to increase activity in their communities, and also religious minorities, such as the Sorrenian Islamic community.  We also greatly support Sorrenian religious institutions such as the Sorrenian Mosque and the United Church of Sorrenia for what they bring to the nation.  
  • A united community: The NDLP supports an emphasis on community activities, such as the Sorrenian gaming league, and national holidays.  The NDLP has always seen Sorrenia as unique in the micronational community because it maintains a tight-knit and friendly community.  However, with the rise of political radicals such as the WPP, the NDLP is concerned that political rhetoric is in danger of damaging this community.  We encourage all political parties to do their best to avoid ad hominen attacks and do their best to remain non-hostile.  
  • Social policies: Sorrenia needs a progressive government.  There are certain radical elements of the Sorrenian political community that threaten to throw Sorrenia into a conservative nightmare.  The NDLP promotes equality, LGBT rights, religious tolerance, and ethnic tolerance.  The NDLP is very concerned that the WPP is damaging Sorrenia's chances at being a tight-knit and equal community, and we believe that the government needs to take more action to ensure a tolerant nation.  
We hope that you have enjoyed the NDLP election manifesto and we know that our voters will be excited to elect NDLP candidates again this election.  The NDLP is of course open to constructive criticism and feedback, so please, give us your opinions on our manifesto.  
Andrew Janiszewski is the current Prime Minister of the Sorrenian Federation and the Chairperson of the New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia.  

Thursday, 2 July 2015

"Sorrenian Union of Fascists 2" In Theatres Near You

Well, friends, I suppose it's a little like that horror movie you saw with your friend that left a bad taste in your mouth; whether it was the excessive gore or the thin plot, you just didn't care for it much at all.  You were happy when it was over with, and you moved on afterwards, not thinking about it much any longer.  But guess what, friends-that movie has a sequel.  Sorrenian Union of Fascists 2 is out in theatres and your friend is begging you to go see it.  That's my way of telling you that yes, the Sorrenian Union of Fascists is indeed back to try again, and I predict it'll be just as "popular" as it was then.  Normally I wouldn't write a very negative article about such a partisan manner, but I think it is right that the NDLP, as a party dedicated to Sorrenian democracy and protecting the liberty of its citizens must take a stance that is fundamentally opposed to having fascism anywhere within the nation.  Of course, I do promise you I won't make efforts to have the party made illegal.  I am a pragmatic politician, and I realize at this point that neither the people of Sorrenia or my colleagues in the National Assembly agree with me on hate speech legislation, and I can respect that.  I will make no efforts to find some sort of legal loophole to stop the SUF from existing; however, I will use every opportunity I have to remind the Sorrenian people of the evils of Fascism in Italy and elsewhere and the piles of body it created in the macronational world.  Mind you, I of course don't think Mr. Lewis intends of causing any physical harm to anyone.  I do, however, want to state that I find it offensive to celebrate such an evil ideology, one responsible for so many senseless deaths, even if, as Mr. Lewis once eloquently put it, it's "for teh lulz".  Please, friends, let's all tell our friend this time that we're not interested in watching that cheesy horror film, we had enough the first time.  Maybe if the sales on this one are bad enough, we won't be seeing a third one come out.

Andrew Janiszewski is the Prime Minister of the Sorrenian Federation and the Chairperson of the New Democatic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia

Monday, 22 June 2015

Harry of Sorrenia Comes Home

In the recent turn of events which saw the Democratic-Liberty Party reform and become the New Democratic-Liberty Party, the NDLP, once more, a message was sent to several former NDLP members who had left for other parties in Sorrenia, asking them to "come home" and help to restore the party.  Although most of the former NDLP members, such as Damian Billbrough and Llewelyn Lawton, politely declined the offer, one important former core member, Harry of Sorrenia, has come back to help us rebuild.  Harry was the original designer of the NDLP logo, and was at one point even the Deputy Chairperson of the NDLP.  During the "CPS Breakthrough" crisis in which the NDLP rallied to the side of the USWP, Harry left the party over the internal argument about whether siding with the USWP was wrong after opposing it for so long; but now, it is clear that that fight is long over and that the NDLP is in a position to rebuild as a united force.  This signals a significant shift in Sorrenian politics and within the NDLP itself; the period of antagonistic politics between the CPS & SPP on one side and the NDLP and USWP is over, and Sorrenia can now move towards a more peaceful and cooperative political system.  As the leader of the NDLP, I have this to say on welcoming Harry of Sorrenia back into our party:

"During the CPS Breakthrough, the NDLP saw a great period of turmoil and lost some of its core members.  Adding that to the previous exodus of members after my loss to Miles of Sorrenia in the last presidential election, it looked as if the Liberty Legacy was dangerously close to losing its position of being an important part of the Sorrenian political system.  With my good personal friend and core party member Harry of Sorrenia back in our ranks, we can declare an effective end to the period of antagonism and angry politics in Sorrenia and, hopefully, an end to the exodus of NDLP members that seems to happen every few months.  I hope that the next few months will be a period of renewal in Sorrenia and of political co-operation.  The NDLP is on its way to putting itself back together after a lot of turmoil, and that is a wonderful thing for the Sorrenian people."

Andrew Janiszewski is the Chairperson of the New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia and the main editor and author at New Democratic Times.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

NDLP Restored

Hello, friends!  I have a big announcement regarding the Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia; the name is changing back to the name "New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia".  The reason behind this is that although there was a lways a heavy loyalty to the party brand under the NDLP, the DLP has not seemed to be able to create that sense of loyalty.  Please note that all former FDP members are absolutely still welcome to stay in the party, and that we are also inviting all former NDLP members in other parties in Sorrenia to come home.  Here are the some of the major effects this will have on the party:

  • Obviously, from now on, we will be referred to as "NDLP" instead of "DLP".
  • We will be using the NDLP logo that Harry of Sorrenia designed us once more, assuming he has no issues with this.
  • We will be leaving the International Conservative Alliance due to inactivity there, but we will continue on as a member of the Party of the International Left.
  • In terms of political affiliation, the NDLP will largely, due to its large number of both left and right-wing members, avoid classifying itself as either left-wing or right-wing; instead, we will just focus on issues that are important to and affect Sorrenia, and not subscribe to the usual fights over macronational affiliation.  We will welcome all members to the party regardless of political affiliation, so long as they still value equality and liberty and can respect the rules and attitude of the party.
  • In terms of policy, here is a list of official policies we will be adopting, based both on former NDLP policy and recent DLP policy: status quo on monarchies, status quo on secularism, pro-immigration reform and promotion, in favour of the promotion and protection of queer rights, as well as other Sorrenian minority rights, and the promotion of Slavic, Celtic and other cultures within Sorrenia, especially on a regional basis.
  • The NDLP will continue on in its supply agreement with the USWP, and we will not either break that agreement or expand it to form a coalition without a further discussion including all NDLP members.  
I noticed that in the recent government opinion survey, many people stated that the DLP was not terribly active, and I believe that was in large part due to a lack of motivation, common identity and loyalty within the DLP.  Hopefully, going back to our roots can revitalize the spirit of our party and ensure the Liberty Legacy continues on as a major player in Sorrenian politics.
Andrew Janiszewski is the Prime Minister of Sorrenia, the Chairperson of the New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia, and the main editor and author at the Norhaven Gazette.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

NDP and CPH Merge in Hortania

Hello, friends!  Following the same pattern as the recent NDP-CDP merge in the Republic of Zirconic, the leaders of the New Democratic Party of Hortania and the Communist Party of Hortania have decided it is in the best interest of all for the two parties to merge; both are member of the Party of the International Left, both are members of the Hortanian government coalition, and the NDP and CPH have a history of working closely together in Hortanian politics.  The new party will be called the Party of the Hortanian Left, or the PHL, and will be a leftist big-tent party, like the wider PIL.  After discussion between several of the higher-up members in both the NDP and CPH, it was decided that the best way to determine the new leadership of the PHL would be to hold an internal party election within the next few days.  The PHL will have 8 of Hortania's 18 citizens as members, and will hold 4/6 seats in the Hortanian Parliament, as well as the position of Prime Minister.  Let us hope that the future of Hortania will be bright under this new, united party!

Andrew Janiszewski is the Chairperson of the Party of the International Left and the interim leader of the PHL until elections can be held.  

NDP and CDP in Zirconic Merge

Hello, friends!  In Zirconic, the status quo for a while has been that there are 4 political parties: the New Democratic Party (Leftist big-tent), the Civil Democratic Party (Socialist), the Conservative Party (Right-wing), and the Non-Vocal Party (Centrist, minority politics).  However, due to their common membership of the Party of the International Left and their similar agendas, the NDP and the CDP have made the decision to merge into one new party, the "Party of the Zirconian Left", which will maintain a leftist big-tent approach, and reflects its strong position as a member of the PIL.  This comes as a wave of PIL unity is spreading, with plans to merge the NDP and CPH in Hortania into a similar "Party of the Hortanian Left".  The hope of PIL authorities is that mergers like these will increase cooperation within the PIL and reduce bureaucracy, by having only one larger member party per state.  The new PZL will have 15/19 seats in the Federal Council, and 12 of Zirconic's 55 citizens will be members.  We here at the New Democratic Times hope that this merger will further the reach of PIL member parties, and also hope that the merger in Hortania can go through.

Andrew Janiszewski is the Chairperson of the Party of the International Left and of the newly formed Party of the Zirconian Left.